Which Brake Pads you should buy for your vehicle?

The most important part of your vehicle are its brakes without any doubt. Inspections and servicing of the brakes is often overlooked. Disc brake pads are to brakes what a camshaft is to an engine. Where a cam is critical for defining an engine’s power potential, brake pads are vital for successfully and repeatedly decelerating a vehicle. Choosing the best brakes pads is an important part of servicing the brakes, and when we talk about THE BEST, no other brake pads can even compare to ASUKI advanced ceramic technology disk brake pads.

Brake pad technology has come miles since disc brakes were first used to stop airplanes. They were the brake of choice in the aircraft industry because they were light and simple to service. The fact that they remain in the airstream while in use helps to keep them cool for better grip. But hidden under the bodywork of a stock car, the brakes are subject to tremendous heat, yet must perform the same way every time if the driver is to have confidence in them.

There are many blends of brake pads available and many regulations and standards by which brakes are made and coded, but ASUKI new formula brake pads utilize top quality formulations to defeat the noise while braking and taking care of the dust and brake fade, which leads to a reduction in the life of brake pads, while delivering increased stopping power that only the best of the best provides.

And when you plan to upgrade your brake pads, you will experience the ULTIMATE BRAKE PAD UPGRADE if you go for ASUKI advanced ceramic technology BLUE disk brake pads. They give you the pedal feel from the very first stop, with less noise, dust and fade, which is very common with other brake pads, along with increased stopping power. You can confidently enjoy your ride as you will be sure that these pads are a perfect match to the Original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The Reduce noise, vibration and harshness will make your ride very smooth and the facilitation of temperature stability provided by to ASUKI advanced ceramic technology disk brake pads will make you confident whenever and wherever you drive.

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Which Brake Pads you should buy for your vehicle?

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